We are believing for a move of God to sweep across America and the time for Virginia is now!

Dates/Times: October 6th – 8th

Location: 30th Street Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (on the sand)

Our hearts and minds are now set on partnering with the local churches!

With the success of the Williamsburg Awakening, our hearts and minds are now set on partnering with the local church in Newport News, Virginia to declare that the Virginia Beach will come Alive. We will have free food, fun contests, and giveaways. This will be a concert experience with Christian artists, performances and the preaching of the Gospel. We are excited to see fields in Newport News filled with the lost and plug them into the local church.

Our Mission & Vision


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  • How CfaN partners with Pastors
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What is a City-Wide Event or Crusade?

A crusade's purpose is to evangelize an entire city or region. The role of an evangelist, according to Ephesians 4:11-12, is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Leading up to the actual event congregants from all denominations are mobilized and take to the streets to win the lost. Communities are invited through the evangelism of the local church and many come to know Jesus before the crusade ever starts. Many prayer meetings will occur leading up to an event as we know the Holy Spirit is the greatest evangelist. As a result we call congregants to intimacy with Jesus and from that place a fresh desire to share Jesus follows.

“True evangelism does not go above the church or around the church. Evangelism should always go through the local church. A crusade without the local church is just a conference.”

Russell Benson International Director of CfaN

"Reinhard Bonnke saw a crusade not only as a tool to reach the lost but also as an opportunity to mobilize the local church. We've seen times in Africa that more documented decisions for Christ are recorded before the crusade than during and this is not because the crusade itself is small, but this speaks to the power of the local church when she is activated and launched out into the harvest fields. Before CfaN ever decides to go into a city, a meeting is called with local leaders. These meetings can unite Pastors who serve only miles apart, together for the first time in years. With such a high reliance on God to move before, during and after an event, unity in a city is a foundational component of a successful gospel campaign. When a crusade comes to town it not only brings in the lost but awakens the church to fulfill the great commission."

Joe Turnbull CfaN USA Outreach Director


How CfaN partners with Pastors

Christ for all Nations was founded in 1974 and has seen more than 85 million documented decisions for Christ and counting. With meetings as large as 1.6 million people in attendance we understand that the success of a crusade or city-wide event hinges on the full participation and cooperation of the local church. This is why in Africa and America we do not ask Pastors for money when we come to their cities.

“I, the evangelist, bring my nets and would like to borrow the boats of the local churches. Together we will cast our nets into the human ocean and pull in a mighty catch. I promise not to take one single fish for myself, but to leave them all with the local churches. Then I will dry and mend my nets and move on to the next place.”

Reinhard Bonnke founder of Christ for all Nations


Corporate Training Structure

We normally schedule Corporate trainings from 10 am – 12 pm or 2pm-4pm.

  • Evangelism training for 30 minutes
  • Break up into teams to practice for 15 minutes
  • Send teams out for 1 hour
  • Teams return to give testimonies for 30 minutes


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